Team Marpac – a Fish Tale (The Big Ones Did ­Not Get Away)

Posted by Liz Heinberg on August 02, 2017

We’d like to begin sharing more “people behind the sleep” stories with you. Since we are based in Wilmington, N.C. it seems right to start with a fishing story.

Our chief engineer, Aaron D. is a bass fisherman. He, along with his fishing buddy Scott (they are “Team Marpac”), had a good day on the water winning 1st place in the Team Bassmasters tournament in Castle Hayne, NC (on the North East Cape Fear River) a few weeks ago.

Here’s how they won. First, the fish. Their best five weighed in for a combined 19.10 lbs., with the biggest catch coming in at 6.32. As for the lure selection, that’s going to have to remain a trade secret. Aaron does report they use “Texas rigged soft plastics.”

But around here we know how a good snooze can help you wake up ready for a top performance. For this tournament (this is true for a lot of fishing) Aaron had an early wake up. He set his alarm for 4:00 a.m. and was on the water at 5:30 a.m.

AlarmHero-rs.jpegSo, we’re giving credit for the win to Aaron’s Dohm.

Do you have any questions (fishing or white-noise machine related) for us, if so leave us a comment below. Or give us suggestions on what kinda of "behind the scenes" stories you want to see. And remember to subscribe.

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